It’s already the end of April, and on a light note, the state of Washington has allowed for low-risk construction to resume. The construction for our syndicates will resume as of tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28th

Please see below for updates on our syndicate at 2451 NW 59th St – The Brickley


Next Steps: 

  • Two residents are still living at the property, and they are expected to vacate by the end of the month.
  • Prior to the halt of construction, our team found asbestos, and at this time we have hired a company to remove it.  This will add a 3-week delay to our initial timeline.
  • The stay at home order has been lifted for low-risk construction, and we can start our demolition of the property.
  • The construction team is monitoring the property on a daily basis.
  • Permitting for the new garage unit has been submitted to the city.  Historically, this would take 3-4 months upon the architect submitting.  Now that the review has started, we expect our permit to be approved by mid-summer.